Creating my own jewellery boxes!

My second job as a part-time singer in a small country band requires me to keep a lot of jewellery within reach, so I can quickly grab something that goes with my wardrobe for the night. I used to have earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings; you name it, strewn all over my dresser, and it still wasn’t easy to find something I wanted quickly. Traditional jewellery boxes are fine, but I wanted something more practical and yet at least somewhat decorative.

Watch boxes -  (14)Enter my husband’s hardware storage boxes for all his tools, nails, screws, ties, fishing lures, etc. Perfect for storing jewelry but not exactly easy on the eye. So on his next trip to the hardware store, I accompanied him and was delighted to find lovely brushed glass storage containers that I can stack vertically. They also came in a variety of colors and were transparent enough so you could tell what was in each container even with them being stacked on top of each other. They even have little dividers that you can use to create custom compartments.

Now I have my very own jewellery storage box, complete with small and large compartments for my rings and bracelets, and a series of U-hooks to hold my necklaces. My friends always mention how pretty it looks and now I have a larger working surface on my dresser. Plus, since the containers are transparent, I can quickly decide what I want to wear that night. When I add to my jewellery, all I need to do is buy another container and stack it on top.

Practical and pretty. What’s not to love!

Finding the Right Venetian Masquerade Masks

Anyone who has ever been to any sort of costume party, masquerade, or any other party knows how hard it can be to find the right mask. I looked for what felt like forever before finding the right one to match what I wanted my look to be and because of that know how hard the process can be.

If I was going to do it again, I would recommend looking at venetian masquerade masks first. Don’t waste your time looking at other types of masks since these are definitely the best. They are very classy and nice without being too over the top or fancy. Because of this I think they would be perfect for any sort of party that requires a mask or costume.

The problem I was having before is that all the masks I was finding were too big and cumbersome for me. I don’t know how people talk to each other or socialize at all with those things. These are perfect for that since they are so small and subtle that you can still interact with other people without the mask being such a burden. I really think that looking at venetian masquerade masks will help anyone fit in at the party that they are attending. I don’t know of any other options out there that can provide both the mask and party feel without being overpowering and more of an obstacle to socializing than anything else.

Preparing Your Motel for the Market

After many successful years, it was time for my dad to sell his motel and retire. I didn’t know the first thing about how to sell a motel but after doing a little research, I found some tips that would help get my dad top dollar for the motel.
The first thing we did was spruce up the motel. It was always in good shape but the décor and grounds were looking a little dated. Spending money on new paint and new guest room décor instantly modernized the motel. My dad objected to spending the money at first but once I pointed out that we would get more potential buyers with a motel that looked turnkey, he agreed to do the updates.  The updates we did were more than cosmetic, we also updated a few of the systems, like the key card access, there were a bit out of date. Altogether, we spent a fair amount of money on updating the motel but we did it knowing we could list the motel at a higher price, once we put it on the market.

Next, I pulled together the last few years of the motel’s financial records. All prospective motel buyers will want to see at least three years’ worth of financial records. Along with the records I included information I had received from the city planner’s office detailing the city’s plans to develop a retail/entertainment area near the motel in a few years. That information would show prospective buyers that the motel had the potential to grow and bring in more revenue.

It took more than a year to sell the motel, but once it sold, it sold for a very good price and my father walked away with a comfortable profit. I think the preparation we did had a lot to do with how much we were able to sell it for.

Tungsten Wedding Rings: The Perfect Choice

“But baby, I don’t want our rings to ever get scratched or dinged or out of any of its original condition if we can help it”.  She was looking at me with such a sad look on her face, I just wanted to change that look into a smile.  I couldn’t stand it anytime she looked sad because she had a smile that could light up the world.
“I know exactly what to do”.  I took her hand and said that we were going for a ride.  I took her to the local mall and to one of the jewelry stores that they had there and explained how we were going to find the perfect tungsten wedding rings.  I explained to her that tungsten was a metal that looked a lot like white gold or platinum but could permanently be polished and made to look like day one unlike the other metals.

She asked me how I knew and I told her I had learned about it from my mother. That her original ring even though it was stronger at being 10 karat, had taken a beating over the years and when her and my father had gone to a jewelry store they learned about the tungsten metal and replaced their rings with a new set and if I ever was to get married, that was definitely the way to go.

I asked the clerk to look at their selection of tungsten mens rings and we found our perfect set.  Everyone was a winner that day.

Protecting Your Baby

It wasn’t long after Brandon was born that we heard that baby sleeping bags were gaining popularity due to the belief that they somehow reduce the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).

That wasn’t why we started using them, but it didn’t hurt to know that we were possibly giving Brandon some added protection by doing so.

We actually started using baby sleeping bags after seeing one being used at a friends place with their baby.

I was fascinated from the moment I saw little Melanie in hers. She looked so snug and comfortable with her body wrapped in this fabric sack with just her head and arms sticking out.

I wondered what was going through her mind at that moment and if it was all pleasant thoughts.

It reminded me of trying to stay warm on a camping trip only Melanie’s sleeping bag fit her much better than the one-size-fits-all style I picked up for myself at the sporting goods store.

Brandon has already outgrown his first baby sleeping bag and we have been careful to make sure he is properly fitted for the one he is using. I suspect we’ll be adding to the collection as he grows but that’s alright with me, as I know he is safe and secure whenever we put him down for a nap or to sleep for the night.

I think that knowledge combined with the SIDS protection we heard about after Brandon was born puts our minds at ease so we can get a good night’s sleep as well.

Swimming While Pregnant

I spent a lot of time in my maternity swimwear because I tried to swim a couple of times a week. I was surprised when my doctor recommended it as a great way to exercise though most of my pregnancy. He said it was low impact and was a great way to work all of the muscles in my body.  He also said that as I put more and more weight on, it would be refreshing to be in the water and have that sense of weightlessness one gets when floating in the water.

I started out swimming when I was just a couple of months along. I took it very easy and my workouts were limited to what my doctor suggested. In the beginning I was able to wear my regular swimsuit, but by the time I reached four months, it was no longer comfortable. I felt like it was beginning to be a little constrictive. I purchased my first maternity swimsuit then.

It was good for a couple of weeks but it had a lot of fabric to the top of it. I found that to be annoying when I was swimming. So I went back and found another maternity swimsuit that was more form fitting. I used it all the way until the day my doctor recommended that I stop swimming which was five days before I went into labor.

After I gave birth and was cleared by my doctor, I returned to swimming. It has become an exercise routine I plan to continue the rest of my life, and that includes through the rest of my future pregnancies that I am planning on having.

Wine Fridges are a Major Kitchen Appliance

My neighbors raved about their wine fridge so much that I decided to look into getting one of my own. When I started to look at them, I learned a surprising fact: wine fridges aren’t cheap!

I guess I thought that since wine fridges were becoming more common in kitchens, that they would be relatively inexpensive. This isn’t the case. Wine fridges can have a heavy price tag but as I did research, I was able to tell they were well worth it. For instance, a wine fridge is designed to regulate the humidity surrounding your wine bottles which keeps the wine and cork fresh and crisp. Much like a humidor the technology to regulate humidity is very specific and not found in regular kitchen refrigerators. I started to look at the wine fridge less as a small appliance like a toaster and more like a major kitchen appliance. You should pick a wine fridge with the same consideration and thought that you put into picking your oven or your dishwasher.

Even small counter top wine fridges can cost a few hundred dollars. This is because, even though they are small, they still perform all the functions of a larger wine fridge. Wine fridges are designed to last for a long time, just like other major appliances and they come with warranties. A wine fridge can be serviced just the same way you would hire a repairman to fix your kitchen fridge or stove.

After doing research, I stopped looking at a wine fridge as a trendy kitchen appliance. The wine fridge makes my wine taste so much better than it did before and I am so glad I invested in one.

Slot Machines For Our Small Business

We wanted to get a few slot machines for our store but we weren’t sure what type of slots games or where to begin. After looking on line I found several slot machines for sale in our area and decided to take a look at a few of them.
I looked at two different styles of slot machines: classic slot machines and bonus slot machines. The two styles look similar, but the classic slot machine is probably what everyone imagines when they think of a slot machine. It has 3 spinning reels and 1 pay-line (the horizontal line across the 3 reels). To win at a classic slot machine, you have to line up the correct combination of images from the reels on the pay-line.

The second style I looked at was bonus slot machines. They looked very similar to the classic but had 5 reels instead of 3 and hitting certain image combinations would open up a second screen where you could play bonus games for extra prizes. These slots games were just as easy as the classic games but seemed a little bit more exciting because you always had the possibility of going to a bonus round. I thought our customers would enjoy the bonus slot machines the most so I purchased two of them for our store.

The company that sold us the machines set them up near our front counter. They also provide regular maintenance for the games and said they would help us re-sell the machines if we decided they weren’t for us. I don’t imagine we will re-sell them anytime soon because they have been a big hit with our customers. We’re actually thinking about buying a third one!

Hiring A Limo For My Birthday

I was thinking about my upcoming milestone birthday and wondering how I wanted to celebrate it. I knew I wanted to mark it as a special occasion but wasn’t sure how, when I remembered how much fun I had when a friend hired a melbourne limo service for my hen’s party. I knew a limo hire service would be the perfect and fun way to celebrate my milestone birthday. Looking online I found limo companies that offered party buses. I didn’t want a party bus—although it would have been ideal if I had a big group with me, but I thought a party limo package would be great.

I was right, the party package was exactly the right way to celebrate my birthday. The chauffeur was well dressed and the back of the limo was festive and set a perfect party mood. My friends and I had sprung for a package that included a full mini bar and a few appetizers so when we got to our first destination, we were already having a great time. Not only did the limo let my friends and I keep the festive atmosphere all night by traveling together, using the hire melbournelimo was such an easy way to travel from one party venue to the other without worrying about who was going to drive or having to take multiple cars or find taxis.

We all had a great time celebrating my milestone birthday. The limo service allowed me to celebrate in a way that was luxurious and festive at the same time.

Retirement Transport

In our retirement village, most residents ride around on golf carts. My husband started to hint around that he could be interested in trying this mode of transportation. I had to admit, tooling around in a golf cart sounded like fun. We could take it to the grocery store, the community pool, and really everywhere we went during the day.

I did some research and I learned that buying a used golf cart can cost up to fifty-percent less than a new one. Golf carts come in gas or electric powered; gas golf carts are more powerful but electric carts are quieter. I thought a used golf cart that was electric would work well for us, not just for the quietness piece, but because they cost less and need less maintenance than gas carts. A used golf cart that is electric would have to be charged every evening but I didn’t think that was a drawback. Once I decided on an electric cart, I thought about what features we would need in a used golf cart. A used golf cart with leather seats would be the most comfortable. This was important since we would use it every day and I wanted a windshield so we could use the golf cart even during a mild rain. Since we would use the cart for grocery shopping, I wanted to be able to attach a cargo net to the space behind the seat.

After a few weeks of looking, I found what turned out to be the perfect used golf cart for us. It was electric, under ten years old and had the battery replaced just two years ago. My husband and I brought it home and several months later it is still the perfect cart for us. We use it daily, to visit friends, run errands, and drive around our retirement village. I’m so happy we purchased a used golf cart and I don’t know how we got along without one.

Outdoor Furniture Allows You To Extend Your Home’s Living Space

While looking through the garden section at the department store, I was amazed at the different types of outdoor furniture available. At one time, outdoor furniture was limited to chaise loungers and dining tables with umbrellas. Now there are bar sets and sofas and ottomans. You can even buy outdoor furniture that comes with a curtained gazebo, allowing you to create a little room in your back yard.

With so many choices, deciding how to decorate your outdoor space can feel overwhelming. The first thing is to decide how you want to use your outdoor space. Do you want to use it for dining? Or a place to lounge? Is it for your own private use or do you plan to use it for entertaining? I wanted to use my patio for dining as well as relaxing.

The next thing to do is to measure your space. Do this before you start to shop for outdoor furniture otherwise you run the risk of falling in love with a furniture set that won’t work for your space (like I did). If you want to create dual areas on your patio, for instance a dining area and a living-room area, make sure you chose furniture that is the same type, such as made from the same material or has the same style. This will help the patio area flow together. I picked a small dining table and a sofa and club chairs from the same design line because this was an easy way to make sure they matched.

Once I had my furniture home, it was just a matter of arranging it and adding accessories. Now we have a comfortable outdoor living and dining space that allows us to enjoy the beautiful summer weather.

Wedding Cars in Melbourne

My parents wanted me to have the wedding of my dreams. This meant an unbelievable dream wedding gown that was layer after layer of tulle. It also meant a large wedding party with eight bridesmaids and eight groomsmen. I know my parents spoil me a bit, but when they told me the sky was the limit, I kind of ran with that idea and did everything I had ever dreamed of doing. I mean everything from a string quartet to chocolate fountain to white dove’s being released as the church doors opened.

After selecting my dream wedding gown, we quickly realized that there was not a vehicle owned by any member of my family that could hold the dress with me wearing it. My mom suggested dressing at the church, but I really didn’t want to. My dad decided the only way to transport me in the dress was in a limo.

I didn’t want to arrive at the wedding without my bridesmaids and my parents so we decided that we would need two limousines for arriving at the wedding, but we would only need one limo to depart from the wedding. My dad called around looking for wedding cars in Melbourne. He found a great company that helped work out a good deal for him since he was hiring two cars. It really ended up being a great experience. I am so glad my parents think I am worth spoiling and I am glad my husband does too.